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We have very few rules enforced here on IDOC because we feel that too many servers are governed by Do's and Don'ts as such we want our players to be free in how they want to play the game.
This means if you want to run bot's and macro 24/7 that is fine, but there are 'some' rules we do want to enforce to ensure the server is enjoyable for everyone and these are:

Play Nice:
The main purpose for the 'Play Nice' rules are to ensure that IDOC is an enjoyable place for everyone to play.
These rules are engineered around preventing players leaving our server due to the actions of players that quite honestly we would rather not have.


  • No Harassment of other players.An example of this might be camping one players house just to kill only them over and over again for no other reason then to cause them grief.People griefing players in this way or other ways, will receive warnings and or have 'all of their account(s)' banned.

  • No Abusing other players.Verbal abuse to other players especially over global chat is not acceptable.We do not want to see raging arguments over global chat, offenders will receive bans from the global chat system.Excessive verbal abuse to individual players via any other means is also unacceptable and will result in warnings and potentially bans.

  • No Scamming other players. Scamming players is not acceptable, especially new players!

  • No exploitsIf you use an exploit to gain gold or skills etc we will take action. Sorry but its just not fair on others. Gold made by these means will be deleted and skills reduced. Macro long as it does not impact others but exploits are right out!

Staff Policies:
Staff reserve the right to do what they need to do to ensure that IDOC is an enjoyable place to play.
Staff are permitted to take any action required to neutralize any potential threat to the over all quality of the server and its players, this includes but is not limited to, squelching players, killing players, jailing players, banning players.

In short, if you cause issues, and do not comply with staff requests, expect to be removed.

Staff decisions are final, appeals can be submitted to the Shard Owner.

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