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IDOC Features

We have put together a bit of a “What’s In” IDOC – it covers skills, play areas and changes that we have made to the server.

Once you have created your charecter you start at an Inn in Britania

Type [c followed by what you want to say to chat globally eg [c Hello World

Type [mystats to get a gump of your characters status

Type [myhouses to get a gump of the houses you own and an ability to “recall” back to them and refresh them

Type [addtoparty to add anyone online to your party

Basic stat cap is 225, MAX is 255 (+25 stat scroll and sufficient account age)

Basic skill cap is 750

AOS features are all available (Excluding Malas facet – DOOM is currently active, including the gauntlet. It is accessible via Britain sewers.)

SE skills are available. (Tokuno facet, Tok Arties, Tameables etc are in)

No recalling out of fel dungeons, as per standard

Two Facets currently active (Felucca and Illishnear), PVP Is active in Felluca and reds can be attacked anywhere in Fel – We are keeping the shard small from a land mass/facet perspective as we want to keep the community together

All spawns active in Felluca – T2A/Lost Lands and are set on random

Factions are active

Stat gain and skill gain are faster that UO but they are balanced.

You can have 5 accounts per IP Address with one automatically refreshed house per account. Additional houses will not be automatically refreshed and must be visited each week to prevent them from collapsing.

Vet rewards are scaled down to months instead of years (1 month instead of 1 year)

Soulstones are available as a vet reward after one month, to allow you to transfer skills between characters on an account.

Champion spawn sizes have been enlarged and some altars moved for better access to spawn. (Better)

Mondains Legacy Peerless Dreadhorn Quest is included as are community collections.

ML Quests and Recipes are all in.

You can get some ML minor artifacts already from killing named creatures (Lurg and Twisted Weald creatures)

Vendors may be placed on top of Britian Bank. Simply get a vendor placement deed and use it on top of BB on one of the allocated squares. Some vendors spots are also available half a screen west of the Britain Inn, where you start.

In-Town houses are available for purchase, if there is one in particular you would like simply page a GM.

AFK Resource macroing is allowed.


Time Saving Scripts are allowed (EasyUO etc)

Razor/AssistUO is allowed

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