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Newbie Guide

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Ultima Online client and Razor, connect to our server and start the Ultima Online program. Enter a new account name and password. Note that the account name you create is not your character’s name, and for security purposes it’s best to have an account name that’s different from your character name.

After clicking on IDOC, you’ll go to the first part of character creation.

Choose a name, race, gender, and appearance details.

Next pick you IDOC Player Class


Trained in Art of Bushido: Bushido grants a bonus to several warrior skills and special moves. Bushido is a new skill and will be listed in the skill list. It has a regular cap of 100, and a cap of 120 with Power Scrolls.


Trained in Art of Ninjitsu: Ninjitsu is the art of stealthy combat, espionage and assassination. Ninjitsu is a new skill and will be listed in the skill list. It has a regular cap of 100, and can be raised to a cap of 120 with Power Scrolls


Paladins are noble warriors that use holy powers to help defend against, and combat their foes. The Paladin is one who strives to help others and follows the path of virtue. If one strays off the path of virtue by villainous acts such as murder, he or she can not be a Paladi.


You are tempted by the ‘dark side’? The art of the Necromancer? The study of Necromancy draws people in with the promise of power and riches, while corrupting their souls in the process. Both mages and warriors are enticed by this wicked school of spellcraft for they can wield powerful weapons without disrupting their evil spells.

The Necromancer’s spellbook is filled with 16 spells of sorcery so foreboding that it has been secreted away for generations. Use them alone or in conjunction with other powerful magic. Be aware though, that casting these spells has dire consequences on your karma.


Warrior is a powerfull melee class that is often the starting point for all new players. As warrior you will choose one of the primary melee skills of Macing, Fencing or Swordfighting. You will also need complementary skills such as Healing, Tactics and Anatomy.


Magery is one of the most complex skills within Ultima Online, nor is it a ‘stand alone’ skill, a competent mage will require the addition of evaluate intelligence and meditation, many mages also consider inscription to be a ‘must have’ skill.

The 64 spells of magery, neatly contained in a mage book, are divided into eight circles. Each circle progressively requires more skill, more mana expenditure and more time to cast. A full description of the spells, their effects and costs in terms of time, reagents and mana can be found in the spellbook. You will also need to find the spells individually through scrolls.


Starting out as a Blacksmith will give you an apprentice title and 50.0 points in the Blacksmithing skill and 50.0 points in the Tinkering skill along with 30.0 points in the mining skill. Blacksmithing is a difficult class as it takes a very long time to train. Blacksmithing is usually not a class suggested for new players.

All players start in Britain as it is the most populated city.

You start with a full spellbook, some gold, a deed to a small tower (House) and some class specific items.

Moving Your Character

Right-click and hold: Moves your character toward the cursor. The farther away from your character you keep the cursor, the faster your character will move.

Double-right-click: Pathfind. Automatically moves your character around obstacles and towards the cursor. You cannot pathfind through closed doors or around buildings.

Double-left-click: (on doors or gates): Opens the door or gate

Alt-left-Click: (on another character): Follows that character

Alt-left-click (on self): Stops following another character

Left and right mouse click: will “lock your running” so you don’t have to hold the button down.

Communicating with Others

Type what you wish to say, then press Enter: Your speech will be displayed on screen, directly above your character’s head.

Or type [C to speak globally (Eg everyone on the server will hear you)
Ctrl+W: will repeat last sentence.

Left-click (on a character or creature): Displays the character’s name or the creature’s species.

Double-left-click (on a character): Displays the character’s Character Window. Peace Mode Only.


Tab-and-hold, Alt-C: Toggles between War and Peace mode

Double-left-click (on a character or creature): Attack that character or creature

Left-click-and-drag (on a character or creature): Displays a status bar showing how injured the character or creature is.

Any time you are attacked, you counter-attack automatically, whether or not you’re in War mode.

Items and Inventory

Left-click on item: Displays the item name

Left-click on your character: Brings up the context menu

Left-click-and-drag item: Picks up an item or moves the item

Shift-left-click-and-drag item: Moves an entire stack of items

Alt-shift-left-click-and-drag item: Picks up a single item from a stack of items

Double-left-click an item: Uses the item. If a targeting cursor appears, you must target another object on which to use the item.

Double-left-click (on containers): Opens the container and displays contents.

Double-left-click (on your character): Opens your Character Window


When your character is killed in the game, you will become a ghost. As a ghost you can be resurrected without any loss to your statistics or skills by finding a healer, a shrine, or even powerful player’s that have the ability to resurrect.

As a ghost, you leave most of your worldly possessions where you died and wander as a spirit in search of resurrection. Blessed items like spell books, practice weapons and starting equipment will be with you when you resurrect. When your ghostly character gets to a shrine, a healer or a sufficiently powerful mage, you can be restored to life.

Note that while Shrines and healers will automatically resurrect any ghost in their immediate area, a player has to know you’re there, and it’s his own choice whether to help or not.

While you’re dead you can pass invisibly, or you can “manifest” so that others can see you. Your ghostly character is invisible if you’re in Peace mode and visible in War mode.

A ghost can pass through doors and certain other objects, but not through solid walls. If you try to communicate while in spirit form, anything you try to say appears to the living as inarticulate wailing.

Healers can resurrect you when you die. Most wear brown robes and you can find them in Healer shops in town. When you enter, they will ask you if you wish to be healed or if you want to remain a ghost. Take your pick. If you are a criminal or a murderer, however, the healer may refuse to help you.

Once alive again, you may try to hurry back to reclaim any possessions that were not blessed, which will remain on your corpse until it decays or is looted.

Some of the in game commands

At the Bank

These commands must be spoken in or near a bank.
•Balance – The banker will tell you the amount of gold in your bankbox.

•Bank – The banker will open your bankbox for you.

•Check (amount) – If you have the gold specified in your bank, a bank check of that value will be placed in your bank box and the gold will be removed.

•Withdraw (amount) – Will place (amount) of gold from your bankbox in your backpack, if possible.

•I would like to cross – This will tell the Skara Brae ferryman to take you across the water to the mainland, or back. (Any sentence with the word “cross” in it will work)

Once you plant your house these commands will come in very handy, remember that items not locked down or secured will decay very quickly.
•I ban thee – Friends, co-owners and owners of a house can issue this command. It will bring up a targeting cursor to ban and eject someone. Friends and owners cannot be banned. By doing this, the person banned will be added to the banned list that is accessible from the house sign menu. There is a limit of 50 banned people per house.

•I wish to lock this down – Locks an item down in your house. Only the owner and co-owners can issue this command.

•I wish to secure this – Locks down a container in your house and makes it secure. Only the owner and co-owners can issue this command.

•Release – Reverse of the “I wish to secure this” command Only the owner and co-owners can issue this command.

•I wish to place a trash barrel – Will place a trash barrel inside a house, at the position where you are standing. Only the owner or co-owner can issue this command. Owners, co-owners and friends can put trash in the barrel. After 3 minutes the trash will be deleted.

For those of you who love pets
•(All/Name) come – Summons all or one pet to your location.

•(Name) follow – Follows targeted being.

•(All/Name) guard me – Makes all or one pet guard you.

•(Name) kill – Attacks targeted being.

•(Name) release – Releases pet back into the wild (undoes taming).

•(All/Name) stay – All or one pet will stop and stay in current spot.

•(Name) transfer – Transfers complete ownership to targeted player.

When you need to put your pet into boarding then visit the stable master (one behind brit bank)
•Claim – The stablemaster will give you back all the pet(s) you stabled with him.

•Stable – Will bring up a targeting cursor. Click on the pet you want to stable.

•Claim list – Will bring up a list of all pets the character has stabled, from which you can select one.

When you turn pirate and want to sail the seas just tell your Tillerman (on a ship/boat) where to go
•Forward/Backwards – Move ship Forward.

•Back – Move ship Backwards.

•Turn left – Rotate ship left. Changes the orientation of the ship.

•Turn right – Rotate ship right. Changes the orientation of the ship.

•Drop anchor – Sets ship movement off.

•Stop – Stops current ship movement.

•Turn around – Turns ship around and proceeds.

•news -The Towncryer will give you a bit of news, if he has some. Repeat the command to hear the next bit of news.

Town Vendor
•Vendor Buy -The inventory of the vendor will be shown to you.

•Vendor Buy -The items in your backpack that can be sold to the vendor will be shown to you. You can select which items you want to sell.

Player Vendors
•(Name) Browse -Will open the bacpack of the vendor for you so you can see what is inside. This acts the same as double-clicking on a vendor.

•(Name) Buy -You will get a targeting cursor with which you can select the item you want to buy. If you do not have enough gold in your backpack the amount will be taken straight out of your bankbox

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